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Spain recognises the Banyoles-based company for the second time in four years for its business success model

INOXPA is leader in the manufacture of process components and fluid handling equipment in the food-processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.

In the last four years, the company has had its entrepreneurial achievements recognised with two prestigious accolades. In 2009, the Spanish Ministry of Industry bestowed INOXPA with the Prince Felipe Special Award for Business Competitiveness in the SMEs category, the company was also a finalist for the Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence in the category of Internationalisation. This year, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness awarded the 2013 National Award for Innovation and Design in the Internationalisation category to both INOXPA and the transport infrastructure company, Ferrovial.

Сandi Granés, Managing Director of the company group, will collect the prize in Valladolid on the 1st of July.

key to INOXPA's success has been its strategy to act as a global company while maintaining its headquarters in Banyoles.

Under the current structure, INOXPA is divided into four complementary divisions:

  • The management, coordination and logistical and technical assistance services are centred in Banyoles.
  • The research and development of the process skids is carried out in France (pharmaceutical sector), Portugal and Spain (food-processing sector).
  • The manufacture of components is carried out in India and China while skids are manufactured in Europe (France, Portugal and Spain).
  • In all continents, there is an extensive sales network for the marketing of all products and services.

INOXPA constantly invests in adapting its products to approved guidelines which guarantee the quality and suitability of the products for use in the food-processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

In Banyoles, INOXPA is currently in the process of constructing a smart warehouse which will ensure the quick supply of all its components. The company is also developing a pilot plant aimed at providing added value to its skids, which are designed as solutions to particular food processes.

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Emporte INOXPA avec toi


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News sales office in Colombia


INOXPA COLOMBIA SAS INOXPA COLOMBIA SAS is a young team of 12 professionals with experience in marketing of components and skids. INOXPA COLOMBIA SAS aims to become leader in the Colombian market...  >>

New sales office in the UAE


INOXPA Middle East will cover the Middle East countries with a specific emphasis on the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.  INOXPA MIDDLE EAST FZCO P.O.Box:341085, Office...  >>

Technical seminar


In April, INOXPA had an opportunity to present the Inoxpa Wine Solutions division and to promote the INOXPA skids and components for the wine-making industry in a workshop held in...  >>

Technologie de désalcoolisation


WineBrane: Une nouvelle technologie permettant de diminuer le degré d’alcool Le marché actuel, notamment anglo-saxon, valorise essentiellement les vins harmonieux et...  >>

Reportages vidéos


  Inoxpa Wine Solutions avec la collaboration de la cave du Domaine de l’Arjolle (France) a réalisé deux reportages vidéos sur des...  >>

Demonstration of skids


  INOXPA and Parcitank SA, company situated in Albacete, Spain, arranged a technical workshop and a demonstration of the following skids:...  >>

Technical workshop


Technical workshop: cross-flow filtration December 13, the first workshop and demonstration of the cross-flow filtration technology, organized by INOXPA, was held at the premises of VITEC in...  >>

Séminaire en Algérie


En Novembre INOXPA ALGERIE a tenu sa première convention d'affaires. 30 de ces clients ont participé a cet événement. Le programme de la convention contenait deux...  >>

Blenders for solids


INOXPA has designed two blenders for solids: MBC (double cone) and MV (“V”-type). The skids are used to produce homogeneous solid-solid mixture. Mixing is a common process step in...  >>

Collaboration with VITEC


INOXPA is currently undertaking a project (INNPACTO 2010) together with the Fundació Parc Technologic Vi (VITEC, “wine technology park”) and the FREIXENET company, intended to...  >>

New packaging


INOXPA is constantly improving the quality of its products and, in September, is planning to start replacing the current packaging for butterfly valves for a new one with features tailored to its...  >>

New Prolac HCP


INOXPA announces the launch of the new range of centrifugal pumps PROLAC HCP.The new PROLAC HCP is a close-coupled centrifugal pump designed to meet the highest hygienic requirements of the...  >>

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