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Dairy solutions at your fingertips

Dairy solutions at your fingertips


INOXPA offers specific solutions to each sector in each industry.

For the dairy industry, INOXPA hereby presents the DAIRY SOLUTIONS modular system that enables the development of plants with modular skids to complete one or several process lines.

The modules are easy to transport and install; they can be assembled in different project phases or depending on the period of time the customer needs to make the investment viable.

From the conceptual phase until the start-up of the production lines in a plant or factory, our expert team of professionals offers you technical assistance throughout the process. Thus, we can say that we deliver production lines as product-in-hand.

Advantages for shipment and assembly

The customer verifies if the process line or plant corresponds to the purchase order specifications and accepts the equipment at our factory.  

Then the line is disassembled in different modules and is prepared for shipment to guarantee the optimum safety conditions.

The customer receives and installs the equipment and the INOXPA team travels to the customer’s factory to perform the on-site commissioning. 

If required, a technologist can provide training on the production process of the product to be manufactured. 

The power supply and services installation are optional and can also be quoted for at the clients’ request.


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